The registration for media representatives at the Interregional Export Forum-2019 is open

September 2, 2019

The registration for Media Representatives is open on the official website of the IEF-2019 Interregional Export Forum https://exportforum.org/.

The Interregional Export Forum IEF-2019 will be held in Perm on September 26–27, 2019 at the Shpagin Factory (Perm, Sovetskaya St., 1B). The Forum is organized by the Government of the Perm Territory.

Registration form is available at: https://exportforum.org/en#rec125257808

Applications for accreditation should be submitted no later than the 24th of September, 2019.

Please note that the Organizing Committee has the right to refuse accreditation without providing the explanation.
More detailed information about the Interregional Export Forum IEF-2019 is available on the official website of the event: https://exportforum.org/.
Should you have any questions about the accreditation and organization of work of media representatives please send an email to media@exportforum.org.

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